Client Testimonials

I have known Jeff for over 12 years and in that time I have dealt with him professionally, socially, and organizationally. In each capacity I am always impressed with his openness and willingness to take care of the task at hand.
He takes care of business as the situation is needed and is very thorough.
Jeff is the only Home Inspector I have used and will use. I never have to double check or try and figure out his reports. The reports that he provides are furnished without problems to me as well as my clients. It gives me a lot of confidence when I go over the reports with those that need to have them.
In this business climate we are currently in one needs business associates they can trust, Jeff fills that bill for me!

Wes Elliott
Sparks, NV

As a realtor I have used Sierra Nevada Home Inspections for over 40 homes.

 Jeff is professional, punctual and his knowledge is very impressive. He devotes so much time and detailed attention to my inspections.

Jeff is always thorough and explains his inspection very clearly and patiently while answering all of the homeowner's questions.

Additionally, Jeff's reports, information and pictures he includes are fantastic documentation for the homeowner's future reference.

I am happy to recommend Sierra Nevada Home Inspections for the OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!

Janet Vossler
Sparks, NV

I have known Jeff for about two years.  My experience with him has always been exceptional.  He is dependable not only with being on time to our scheduled appointments, but also in reporting to me in a timely manner - I find this very important.  Jeff has a pleasant personality and is always available to answer or clarify my questions.  He is very thorough and his reports are easy to read which makes the process much easier.



Cheri Howard
Reno, NV

"I was not sure if I needed a home inspection for my new mobile home purchase, but I decided better safe than sorry. And boy would I have been sorry if I had not hired Jeff from Sierra Nevada Home Inspections. He did a very thorough job of checking out the home and pointed out several things which would have set me back quite a bit if I hadn't found them in advance. He was quick, thorough, professional and very affordable. Worth every penny is an understatement. Thank you Jeff!"

Kathleen Long